October 30, 1931

Up to Hastings to get Alice. We “lounged” in the Clarke Hotel. Um-m! A nice place to “study” people.

What would Grandma think of The Standard? Or The Huntley? I love people-watching there (okay, I’ve been there once)… My friend Tracy and I found the “service charge” for non-guests to drink over-priced espresso a little rough.

Through the magic of flickr, you can see what the Clarke Building looks like now, because it still exists. Ironically (?), as an assisted living facility. Built in 1914, Grandma would be happy to know that it’s listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

The Clarke Hotel was a luxury hotel that was “designed by architect C.W. Way and built by the John Hempel Company, both of Hastings. Bricks made in Hastings formed the exterior of the building, and local craftsmen made everything from the terra cotta trim and marquee awnings to the light fixtures, oak millwork and mosaic floors. It was named for Alonzo L. Clarke, a prominent Hastings businessman.” - Adams History

President Taft and future President Kennedy stayed there, you guys.

You can buy a $2.99 postcard of it on Ebay if you like.