November 3, 1931

Ironed. Getting real domesticated. Going to club over to Veda’s tomorrow. Will I learn to quilt?

It surprises me that Grandma is 16 and just now doing these sorts of chores. I wonder if her parents encouraged her schoolwork so much so that they protected her from some of these tasks? I mean, I know she was busy on the farm, but clearly these are new chores for her.

Makes me question my assumptions about being a girl in the 30s, at least in terms of her experience.

October 25, 1931

I forgot and went into the cow lot with dress on instead of overalls. Steers just about mobbed me.

Forgot what? Ah, this is a key piece of information I wish I knew because I’m not going to have any luck finding this out on the Internet. Imagine a search of “cow + dress” and you know what I mean. Maybe I can ask my dad. 

Seriously, I really want to know how and why cows care about what you’re wearing. It’s a delightful idea! Although, this does also sound a little scary.