February posts… (catch up)

Haven’t made mom’s birthday cake yet. I’m a busy lady since she got sick. 2/18/32

Connie and Billie Thompson up all day yesterday. Jenny Tyler here too. 2/19/32

Made a birthday cake for mom. A little late but this way, we’ll have some for Sunday dinner. 2/20/32

"The moderation of fortunate people comes from the calm which good fortune gives to their tempers." Rochefoucauld. 2/21/32

"Noble souls, through dust and heat, Rise disaster and defeat the stranger." Longfellow. 2/22/32

"The best of thoughts which he hath known for lack of listeners are not said." Jean Inglow. 2/23/32

"No action, whether foul or fair, is ever done, but it leaves somewhere a record." Longfellow. 2/24/32

"Virtuous and vivacious every man must be; few in the extreme but all in the degree." Pope. 2/25/32

"Every deed which shall outlast Time’s span must spur the soul to be exact and free." Lowell. 2/26/32

"Great truths are portions of the soul of man; great souls are portions of eternity." Lowell. 2/27/32

Mr. and Mrs. Harrison up to see us. Mary has seen and talked with Willa Cather; she herself is somewhat wonderful. 2/28/32

My valentine and my reading are the month’s lights. And of course, there is an extra day. 2/29/32

September 19, 1931 (Or, When I imagine Grandma contemplating sex)

L’honneur est comme une ile escarpée et sans bords; On n’y peut plus rentrer dès qu’on en est dehors. - Boileau.

Honor is like an island, rugged and without a beach; once we have left it, we can never return. Nicolas Boileau-Despréaux, Satire 10, l. 167 (1716).

This is the first time Grandma has gone French on me. Again, I like to imagine that these pages reflect her contemplation some out-of-wedlock loving.

September 17, 1931

Glass, china and reputation are easily crack’d and never very well mended. Benjamin Franklin, “Poor Richard”.

This was before you could hire a professional image manager or spin doctor. 

Less cynically, I like to imagine that Grandma was contemplating getting it on with someone. Not that I like this quote as condemnation or paternalistic guidance, since I don’t know why what BF says should determine what a lady does with her body.

I know this is likely my modern fantasy, but Grandma was a young woman about town, giving thought to life and love, so it seems possible sex was on her mind.